What is Accessible Publishing?

Feb 02

What is Accessible Publishing?

In year’s past, there was very little variety in the ways in which readers could interact with published materials. Most materials came printed standard, and possibly, in large print format or in braille. Fortunately, with technological advances and innovations in the publishing industry, a wide number of options have been made available to individuals who want or need to interact with printed material in a format different than standard print. This is widely known as accessible publishing.

With current accessible publishing options, readers can connect with written texts in a number of ways depending on what their needs and preferences happen to be. While large print text and braille printing are not new additions to publishing, modern technology has made it easier than ever to produce braille works on demand, and release print and digital versions of works with varying degrees of larger text. Additionally, many e-readers, like Amazon’s Kindle, come standard with the ability to change the size of the text display, allowing multiple readers utilizing the same device to adjust the text size to their preference.

Digitization advances have also made it possible for works to be quickly and easily converted into digital documents that are compatible with audio readers – devices that scan text and read it out loud to individuals who have difficulty reading or seeing text. In years past, individuals who wanted to utilize an audio version of a published document would have to wait for an audiobook publisher to make a title available in their library.

While larger titles would often get added, this was little help to individuals who wanted access to lesser-known works or journals and articles from smaller publishing houses.However, with the right equipment, individuals can now take any published documents, scan them, and have them ready by computer software that will make them readable by audio reader programs.

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