E-book Self-Publishing Options

Apr 14

E-book Self-Publishing Options

Individuals looking to publish their work have more options available to them now than ever before, especially with the increase in popularity of self publishing, and more specifically, self publishing in the e-book market.

The rise in self publishing, both in print and e-book format, has opened up incredible avenues and removed significant barriers to entry for aspiring writers looking to make their work available and hopefully, make some money off it as well. There are a number of options available to individuals looking to self publish, and depending on what your specific publishing goals happen to be, some of these options may be more beneficial for you than others.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

One of the most well-known and widely-discussed self publishing options available at this time is Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, or KDP. As the name implies, this option allows individuals the chance to publish their work directly to Amazon’s Kindle marketplace, and they can do this all on their own, without getting anyone else involved with whom they would have to share profits. However, users are welcome to work with an e-book aggregator or another party if they would like help preparing their book for publishing through Amazon. Amazon shares 70% of royalties with authors (although there are some fees and rules that apply to this).


Lulu is a popular e-book publishing and aggregator service that distributes published e-books to the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble’s Nook store, and also makes them available on Lulu.com. Lulu offer users a guide for creating their e-book and offers many premium aggregator services to users for free, and only takes 10% of a user’s final royalties from the iBookstore and the Nook store.


Smashwords was one of the original e-book self publishing platforms, and remains one of the largest players in the field. Unlike Lulu that offers users a wealth of tools to publish their works, Smashwords requires users to be able to do most of the work themselves, uploading their book and cover art file to the site, and from there, choosing a format in which their book can be presented. Books published by Smashwords can sell their work on Smashwords’ website, or they can distribute it to Barnes & Noble’s Nook store, Apple’s iBooks, and a number of other e-book retailers.

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