Custom Pool Building

Jun 07

During the summer, it gets almost unbearably hot throughout much of the U.S. But why spend the summer holed up indoors? Sitting out by your beautiful new pool is definitely the way to go. Not only can a pool add to your summer experience, it can also increase the value of your house.

One of the main factors in building a custom pool is the price. The cost of building a pool varies due to many factors. Firstly, the slope on which you wish to build the pool may affect the overall price due to the extra work required to level the ground. Also, extra features such as a waterfall, a heated Jacuzzi add-on and diving boards add to the expenses.

A healthy pool is a happy pool. The secret to a well-maintained pool is routine cleaning and testing the pH level often. A pH level lower than 7.2 means that the water is acidic and may corrode the tile and concrete in the pool. PH levels higher than 7.2 mean the chlorine won’t be as effective against the microorganisms that cause infections and rashes.

Although there is some work that goes into owning a pool, what could be more satisfying than laying out by your own private pool on a hot summer day with a cold drink in your hand?


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