Book Publishing in the Modern Age

Jul 27

Book Publishing in the Modern Age

When many people think about the publishing field, they think of traditional book publishing and the process that aspiring authors go through in order to get their works into the hands of the public. However, in recent years, countless changes in publishing have arisen that have changed the face of the publishing industry forever. From niche publishing, to digital-born items, to digitization of previously printed materials and their eventual dissemination to e-books, the face of traditional “book” publishing has changed completely in just the past 10 years alone.

However, despite numerous advancements, the traditional book publishing industry as many people think of it is still strong both in the United States and around the world. While some most of the books published in the United States are published by a small number of large publishers, many of these publishers have reported some of their best sales ever in recent years. Additionally, an incredible number of smaller, niche publishing companies have arisen recently, publishing books that are centered around a given industry or even type of writing, and these publishing houses have become incredibly successful and popular among their targeted clientele.

Challenges to Traditional Book Publishing

One of the greatest challenges to traditional, print book publishing in recent years has been the rise in popularity of e-books. With an incredible number of popular devices on which to read e-books, and the extremely competitive prices of books in digital format, many individuals have reduced their print buying habits and instead, turned to the e-book markets of Amazon (for the Kindle) and Barnes and Noble (for the Nook).

This has taken a toll on both new book printing as well as printing of older, classic titles – especially for older works that have fallen into the public domain and can be downloaded for free onto a variety of e-readers. However, as mentioned above, many book publishers have reported record-breaking years in terms of print sales, thanks largely to the success of incredibly popular titles in recent years.

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